Impressionist Artist Yuriy Demiyanov

Yuriy Demiyanov


Yuriy Demiyanov is a painter, uses a technique of oil painting. He lives in the Central part of Russia in the Lipetsk region. In an effort to find a compromise on various genres, he paints everything that evokes the emotions of the artist himself and therefore his art is sure to impress the viewers.


Yuriy Demiyanov’s art in the view of the painter is a part of the vast artistic tradition under the general title “Impressionism”. Definitely, Impressionism brings together different art movements, but the basic concept that unites all artists is an aspiration to fix the impression, capture the emotion in a piece of art, and try to convey that powerful feeling to the audience by color and light sensation.

Principles, rules and views

The fundamental and simple philosophy of the artist is to do his painting so that to fulfill himself as a painter and show the outcome to the audience. The painter works mainly en Plein air, creates his paintings in close interaction with nature. In view of the artist, it is a powerful source of energy and emotions. Yuriy Demiyanov permanently takes part in art exhibitions and exhibition projects at various levels where he shares the result of his work with viewers.

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Recent exhibitions
Personal exhibition of painting in the Lipetsk Regional Exhibition Hall
Date: August 5 – August 30, 2020. Lipetsk.
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Participation in the exhibition of Voronezh artists in the Moscow gallery “Nagornaya”
Participation in the art project – “City of talents. City of the first.” Exhibition of Voronezh artists in the Moscow gallery “Nagornaya”. Date: February 14-March 01, 2020.
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Participation in the Regional exhibition
Lipetsk regional exhibition hall. Participation in the Regional exhibition dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Lipetsk region and the Lipetsk regional organization vtoo “Union of artists of Russia”.
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