Personal exhibition "Under the sign of twins"

From 18 March to 10 May 2022, a solo exhibition at the Centre for Fine Arts, 98, Cosmonaut street, Lipetsk “Under the sign of the twins”.

The author of the exhibition is not a connoisseur or follower of any astrological doctrine. His attitude towards the stars of heaven is very simple. If you look at the night sky, there is no other answer to the question of whether the stars influence a person’s destiny. Of course they do. And a phrase I read somewhere that people born under the sign of twins combine, sometimes, opposite qualities, prompted the title of the exhibition. The author does not intend to say that the works presented are very opposite, but there are differences between some of the works.

To the question of sceptics “so what for?”, the answer is simple. That’s what the stars wanted. And you can’t argue with the stars.

Also. The artist’s hope is that the viewer, the person in charge at any exhibition, will be interested.

The author shows the reflection of the world from different angles of creative vision. The exhibition will showcase works made in various fields of fine art. These are paintings of landscape impressionism and paintings in a style that tends towards symbolism.

Artist Yuriy Demiyanov

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