On August 1, 2015, the Voronezh gallery “Nefta” opened a personal exhibition of paintings by Yuri Demyanov, “Successful plein air”

A good plein air plein air country…… a Play on words, a funny phrase. But if you think about it, the words are clear and pleasant to the artist and even to the inexperienced viewer. Nothing pleases the tender and vulnerable soul of the artist, exhausted by long walks in search of a picturesque corner and spiritual torments, what paint to paint a green Bush, as the friendly praise of the viewer. And when he heard in his address a delicious: “Successful plein air!!!”, tired and exhausted, he again grabs the sketchbook and rushes to nature. Where sunsets, sunrises, flowers, mosquitoes and where happy and happy summer residents bask in the sun. Those same summer residents, in the” world ” simple oligarchs, artists, businessmen, teachers… and others waiting for a summer vacation, who, like artists, are eager to go to the open air to their dachas and dachas, kebabs, the river, garden beds and flower beds. Therefore, the country plein air, it is almost always a successful plein air. And this brings people who love painting closer together. After all, both artists and viewers, having met at the exhibition, experience the same joyful feelings. Some from the realization of a successful plein air, others from surging, joyful memories of beautiful moments of suburban life.

And although summer is in full swing, and the summer open-air continues, this exhibition is another opportunity to strengthen your immune system. So as not to be sad if the cold rains come.

Artist Yuriy Demiyanov

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