Personal exhibition under the name “June!..Sunny!..”, in the Lipetsk regional exhibition hall. 17. 06. 2015

“Summer is a small life” – as the poet said. Life is joyful, for those who want and know how to be happy. Carefree, for those who successfully or not, finished the school year. Long-awaited, for everyone who has been dreaming of a vacation with kebabs, beaches, dachas, travel and more for a whole year. For almost every one of us, this little life is “just a song”! Well, how not to sing, to yourself or to the voice, when you sing along with a whole bird choir with a soloist Nightingale. Or when lying in the tall grass, looking at the huge, fantastically shaggy clouds floating in the sky, do not purr to yourself – “… I love you life and hope that it is mutual…”, well, or whatever it is in this spirit.

And for an artist, this is a special life. This sweet word plein air! … No longer need to pull on warm pants and jackets, no need to fight with the hardening paint. Just a SONG! A song filled with light and shadow and a joyful sense of life. Well, what a summer without flowers, without this lively palette!…

And so, your attention is presented!… JUNE!… SUNNY! … PAINTING EXHIBITION!… Almost a SONG!… performed by the artist Yuri Demyanov!

Artist Yuriy Demiyanov

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